How Much Does A Car Battery Cost When You Buy Them?

The many factors that affect equally many a customer can just become downright depressing—so many to think about, with so little time. Then again, if you just go generic, you can pretty much wind up in a ditch. So, how much does a car battery cost, eh? –well, let us talk about that as you read down below.

How Often Do You Need A New Car Battery—And How Much Do They Cost?

Need new batteries, huh? —well, you are going to have to review some certain things, not to mention, including your budget.


• Manufacturing age of your battery
• The condition of your battery (such as spills, grease, and overall corrosion)
• The designations of your battery (starter? lead-acid? size group?)

Finding or arriving at a determination of a price for a car battery (or replacement option) is both specific and market-specific—especially, on that of a lower budget and for different styles of life and demographic – geographic.

Of course, this does not change the fact that in the very said market places, the “prices” will always vary—and, not just in one specific category.


• Auto-Motives
• Motor Equipment
• Entertainment Tools
• Household Items
• General Hardware


The fact of the matter is, in the market place where it is both commercial and sensational—competition exists and it thrives on more, regardless of your set budgets.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Battery—What To Look Out For?

Before you even begin to rely on said “given” answers, this auto battery blogger mentions that you have to practice some frankness in your own approach to batteries—tiresome, but it will save you some money in the long run.

Below are some tips or, at least, things to observe before you get a new battery for your car—replacement, and all.

Tip #1 – Research And Check It Out
• Doing research is tough work, no doubt, but getting these different “sound bites” and separating “fact from fiction” ensures that you can filter out the products that are worth the money and those that are not.

Tip #2 – Safety Concerns Is A Must Not A Bonus
• Do not become a slave to the “new and fancy” (even though they look great), because the fact of the matter is if the design of the battery does not fit the vehicle system of your car—it will end up as waste and a lost cause.

How Much Does A Car Battery Cost From AAA Alkaline, Lead-Acid Or Lithium-Ion—And Other Considerations?


In a nutshell and as clear as it probably delves unto, below are examples of prices for car batteries that you might want to consider for your personalized budget.

1. Typical Car Batteries (THE “GENERIC” KIND)

Price: Around 100 USD for most products
Premium Car Batteries (THE “COMMERCIAL” KIND)

Price: Around 120 USD for most products—or more
Car Batteries At A Promotion (THE “DISCOUNT” KIND)

Price: Around 60 to 75 USD for most products—or less


Moreover, while we are at it, let us ask what are the probably (not set) factors that can affect your average price range.


Probable Factor #1 – Staying Alive (Erm, Lifespan)
• Batteries do not last long, relative to other things or products (like furniture), and if you take into account the batteries you find in many outlets (not retailers) more often than not, prices get lowered because “age has caught up”.
• In general, retailer batteries can last up to around five years, with some up to ten years (depending on the quality), but the ones you get at an outlet will usually last only 3 years (or less).
• Thus, newer batteries (with a fresher manufacturing date) can cost up to 150 USD or 350 USD or higher.

Probable Factor # 2 – Sizing Matters (Really)
• Batteries that are relatively light in weight will usually cost less to make (depending on the manufacturer), and thus, will usually sell at a “lower” price range for the majority of outlets.
• Designations under different “sizes” are also important to consider with sizes that are 34 on the more expensive range, and a standard price range for something of a lower number.
• On a rough note, batteries that are considerably “smaller” in size and compact in design or structure can roughly go around 80 USD in most stores.

Probable Factor #3 – Where You Get Materials From?
• Materials also function as a great influencer for different price markings with substances like lithium-ion marked as more expensive (quite more) than lead-acid.
• For example, lead-acid batteries can cause up to 65 USD or around 130 USD depending on the retail brand, but calcium base batteries are only a little bit more expensive than that
• VLRA or valve-regulation batteries usually cost around 250 USD—usually, this is because of the design set forth by the manufacturing but also because of the materials they have to work around with.


• While lead-acid materials are quite the standard items used for making car batteries and the like, the most expensive materials that contribute to a leap in battery price are those that belong to the lithium family—an ion-lithium piece of a battery (that is best of the best) can set you back at least 1000 USD (yikes!!!)

Does Autozone Install Batteries For Free?

YUP—and it has been part of their service for quite a while, now, when you really think about it.
Also, If you are unsure of the many things you can check, going to an auto-part shop like Autozone can help you out with their expert guidance as well as offers (and promotions) for car batteries that they possess.

And yes, with regards to Autozone, so long as you buy a car battery from their stores (and affiliates), they can offer you an installation service for free—and you can ask around if you have any questions for the staff.

Cool and nifty, really, how much does a car battery cost not accounting additional services in comparison to what Autozone gives you, right?

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