Hair Loss – Overview

Are you worried because of your receding hairline? Do you see a lot of hairs on your hairbrush every time you brush your hair?

Do you see more of your scalp when you look at yourself in the mirror?

You should pay more attention to these before it’s too late. Not paying attention early will only make the situation worse and before you know it, you’ve already lost all your hair.

Hair Loss Over ViewEarly actions or measures against hair loss are important if you don’t want you’re to be completely ravaged by it. Proper hair loss treatment should be used to fix the problem and maybe restore your hair back to its original look.

However, most people are too late to pay attention to the problem and end up completely distressed about their lost hair. If you don’t want to be one of them, then you better start taking care of your hair.

If you prefer someone who is professional in dealing with hair loss cases, a trusted dermatologist should be able to give you help and solutions for your hair problem.

A trusted dermatologist can guarantee you an effective, permanent and safe solution for your hair loss problem. With a right professional on your side, you’ll never be fooled by the number of treatments and medications that claims to be effective for hair loss even though only a few they work.

General Information About Hair
There are an approximate 5 million hairs that can be found in an adult human body. Of that 5 million hairs, only 100,000 to 150,000 hairs are found on the scalp.

The hair is made up mostly from a certain type of protein called keratin. This is the reason you need to get the right amount of protein for your body so hair can grow consistently.

Hair Loss ScalpThe hair gets its black color from a pigment called eumelanin. Not all of us though have black hairs; some can get a yellowish hair while some can have reddish hair. This color variations on our hair come from a pigment called pheomelanin.

A tube-like cavity in the outermost part or layer of our skin is referred to as a hair follicle. This is where the hair shafts grow. Our hair follicles are developed while we are still in our mother’s womb.

This means that no more hair follicles will be formed after birth. For each follicle, it can produce 20 to 30 hair strands throughout a person’s life. Each of these hair strands has a normal life cycle of 3 to 5 years where they undergo through to certain stages or phases.

The Natural Growth of our Hair
Our hair has an average growth rate of about half an inch a month. Hair grows the fastest during summers, and its growth rate is at its lowest during winters. The hair grows best when a person is between age 15 and 30.

We can’t grow our hair to the exact length as to others because the length of our hair is genetically determined. It’s your genes that will determine if you are going to have short hair or long hair.

Our hair goes through 3 different phases during their growth cycle namely: anagen (growth phase), catagen (resting phase) and telogen (dying phase).

Anagen – the active growth phase. This is the time where hair fibers are produced.

Catagen – the so-called resting phase. This is the time where the hair neither grows or dies.

Telogen – the dying phase. The time where hairs fall off and no new hair is going to replace the lost hair. The hair follicles stop producing new hair to replace the lost hairs.

Every single hair on tour body goes through this process during their life cycle. They will grow, rest and die eventually; this repetitive process will continue as you also continue to age.

About 90% of our hair are active, and they are growing but if the ratio between the active hairs and the falling hairs is disturbed, the loss of hair will become more than average that is what we call as hair loss or alopecia.