How Much Does A Motorcycle Battery Cost At Autozone?

Shopping for motorcycle equipment and need “the fuel” to go on? Look no further, friend: head towards this auto parts store and get to know how much does a motorcycle battery cost at Autozone (and more)—read below and find something worth your deserving paygrade.

Okay, Does AutoZone Have Motorcycle Batteries, And Is It For The Money?


You bet, friend and Autozone sell some pretty good stuff, as well—most importantly, these motorcycle batteries come from the Duralast brand (and yes, friend, they come cheap).

WHY DURALAST? –The same reason why some brands choose a particular outlet; both love the relationship and they benefit.


#1. The AGM Motorcycle Duralast Battery

Some Notable Information:

• Quite a good amount of “cranking power” (for its weight).
• Technological developments for recombination gas manipulation—which helps account for the “loss” of water.
• Sealable and user-friendly design—this product helps the user a lot when it comes to levels of acid that can arise from time to time.

Price Range
• The general price goes around 60 USD but a total price (with a core) goes around 68 USD overall.


What IF I want to get to “the good stuff”? –well, friend, you are going to need to read below to know about that.

Does AutoZone Sell Motorcycle Parts, Not Just Batteries?

All right, there are two parts when it comes to this question—both of which are important and of course, interesting.


The Option For Motorcycle Parts
• Primary and crucial, Autozone is not only an outlet for your Duralast and motorcycle batteries but also a parts shop.
• So, more or less, you are going to see a friendly enough list of other items that concern different parts of your motorcycle, not to mention other devices.
• What is important to remind people though, is that though you can get a “good enough” deal on other items on Autozone—the Duralast sponsor batteries is where your interest to go to.
• Of course, this is “all is fair” when it comes to Autozone’s promotional packages, sales days and other events, as well as (with O’Reilly’s and Advance Auto) the ever-popular membership deals (when it applies, so you can ask).
• In a nutshell, you can definitely check up on the items that Autozone offers but the “crown jewel” is something to definitely look out for when it comes to an investment.


Will AutoZone Offer A Better Battery Replacement For You, Then?

If on the occasion you take the opt choice to go for the Duralast brand battery for your motorcycle at an Autozone outlet (sales, promotions or otherwise)—but are they better, or is there more?

That is to say, “yeah, Duralast batteries at an Autozone is affordable or even (gasp), cheap?”—but is that all?

Yes, my friend—yes indeed, they offer battery products deliver good performance for the price of one.

#2. The Power Sport Duralast Battery – AS AN OVERVIEW

When it comes to frankness, you are going to get it in good doses with these categories for Autozone and Duralast products—for an affordable price, and with a good amount of power (which all auto-motives use).

• At the risk of sounding like an infomercial plug in—these types of battery “powers” through many kinds of water vehicles, snow operation mobiles and (of course) your motorcycles.
• Durable to the tough bone, and delivers power functions even in the midst of a harsher and weather conditions to the extreme.


#3. The Conventional Duralast

Some “cool” specs and features:

• Valuable overall and comes with the extra power for cranking as well as extendable battery lifespan that you can expect
• Improvements (over the years) with separating glass-fibers to manage flows of the acid as well as resistance to “vibrations”
• Extreme weather beware—this product can tolerate and provide amidst difficult temperature conditions
• 90 warranty days to look forward to and observe the performance

#4. The Filling And Going Duralast

Some “cool” specs and features:

• Mobile and dependable—you can fill it, you can charge it and you get a flexible product, overall.
• No tubes for vents, and with resistance to different vibrations and shocks—the spills and leaks control are noteworthy.
• Due to the design and structure, you get a low point of discharge and a relatively long performance for lifespan.
• 90 warranty days to look forward to and observe the performance.

#5. The GOLD Duralast

Some “cool” specs and features:

• The “gold” standard (no puns in intention) complete with handle procedures, preparatory materials and installing requests.
• Advancements in technology and a charge towards better power management—for motorcycles or others, taking into account leaks and acid control.
• Notable and worthy (all the same), you cannot go wrong with strong power for cranking out power.
• High performance in weather problems, as well as resistance to different vibrations and a season-long battery lifespan.
• 90 warranty days to look forward to and observe the performance.

Quite nice, right?

How Long Is The Battery Warranty At AutoZone For Their Products?

Below is something you will find in most Duralast batteries under Autozone.


Warranty Duration
• Of about (or around) 3-months or 90 (in days) and some up to 2 years.

Voltage Designation
• As per many an auto-motive battery, you get around 12-volts in this product.

Type And Designation Function
• As the above will state, this product functions through an AGM performance model or absorbable mat glass (vice versa).

Length Dimensions
• This product extends around 150 millimeters.

Height Dimension
• This product extends around 94 millimeters.

Width Dimension
• This product extends around 87 millimeters.

• Relatively lightweight and appropriately so, it possesses around 6 pounds.

General Amperage (In Hours)
• Estimating other factors like temperature (and so and so), you can get 6 amperage per hours—a good 10 hours, mind you.

General Cold Amperage For Cranking
• Good for small devices (in comparison to larger vehicles), this product delivers around 90 C-C-A.

As you can see, for how much does a motorcycle battery cost at Autozone (which is a bargain, folks), you get a sweet deal with the warranty, too.

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